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The Emarsys Word template is the asset for all internal and external communication.

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Emarsys Word Templates

General Usage and Main Information

The Emarsys Word template is available as a short and long version based upon the SAP standard. Choose the appropriate format for your region: DIN A4 or US Letter. The short version contains one to two pages of text with possible graphics or tables. The long version is a larger text document featuring a separate title page including a title image, an interactive table of contents and a last page with basic corporate informations.

Emarsys Word Template
Emarsys Word Template

Font Formats

Use predefined font formats which ensure correct text arrangements and make it easier to work with.
The templates offer following formats: Title heading and subheading, 4 heading levels, standard text and 3 bullet levels, text in tables and much more.
The Emarsys corporate font BentonSans is implemented in the template.


Table of Contents + Colors

Updating the interactive table of contents, will automatically add headings. To ensure proper functionality please be aware of correct usage of the predefined font and heading formats.

To preserve brand consistency and corporate guidelines use template colors only!


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