Templates & Assets

Cohesive, expressive, fundamental.

This is the place to find pre-designed layouts, formats and assets that will help you to represent the Emarsys brand. By using them you help to maintain the brand’s visual identity, ensuring a consistent look and feel.


Business Cards

The updated Emarsys business card template now features one of our new graphic pattern on one side. Adopted to SAP’s business cards it features the 72 brand font, and for the very first time a QR code. This will allow you to share your contact information directly. Please reach out to the Emarsys Creative Team in order to request them.


Social Media Assets

The social media assets currently offer brand new social media banners for your personal LinkedIn account. These banners feature the different color variations of the new graphic pattern, and the latest corporate messaging.


Download the social profile image for Linkedin, as well as several company options for Facebook, LinkedIn or G2. More social media assets to follow.


Always send your design to creativeteam@emarsys.com for review before going into production.

Branded Merchandise

We need to be authentic, and we need to help people relate to and recognize the accurate and authentic Emarsys brand when they see anything that represents the company.
Therefore please reach out to the Emarsys Creative Team, when you want to order Emarsys Merchandise.


Of course there might be merchandise that only requires the Emarsys logo. Reach out to the Creative Team anyways, to check in terms of placement and size.

Virtual Meeting Backgrounds

Updated background images for Zoom or Teams are now featuring the new Emarsys logo, new colors and patterns. The asset pack also includes a Virtual Meeting Template, that allows to personalize pre-selected images with your name and title.


This collection will be updated regularly with new images. Therefore make sure to drop by from time to time.


The Emarsys letterhead templates are based on the official template from SAP, but feature our updated logo and colors. Pre-filled letterhead templates are available for Indianapolis, Munich, Vienna, Berlin, Zurich and London.
Addresses are all editable but in case you would like to get a new template, feel free to reach out to the Creative Team.


Here you can download latest Emarsys letterhead templates for Word.

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