Effective, powerful, recognizable.

Color is an effective, powerful and instantly recognizable medium for visual communications. To convey the brand personality and brand values, there is a precise color palette.

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Color Palette

The Emarsys color palette now features six shades for every brand color to align with SAP’s color palette. This provides the same foundation for assets and templates, so contrast principles for both brands can be applied. On top of that it allows the option to combine both color palettes.


Primary Palette

In order to set a clear foundation for communication, the primary colors of Emarsys are the Emarsys Periwinkle Blue shades. In combination with white and grey they represent the brand in first place. This ensures a consistent, clean and professional appearance while allowing important informations to stand out.

White in combination with “Grey 1“ is our background color for a clean, fresh and light feel.
It represents our business as an innovative, structured, modern SaaS (software as a service) company.

Please avoid previous color combinations mixing “Periwinkle Blue“ tones with other Emarsys colors in your general brand communication. 

Peri 2

R215 G223 B255
C19 M10 Y0 K0

Peri 4

R166 G185 B255
C41 M28 Y0 K0

Peri 6

R103 G142 B249
C64 M44 Y0 K0

Peri 7

R71 G102 B255
C90 M68 Y0 K0

Peri 10

R17 G50 B143
C88 M65 Y0 K44

Peri 11

R13 G27 B68
C81 M60 Y0 K73


R255 G255 B255
C0 M0 Y0 K0


R0 G0 B0
C0 M0 Y0 K0

Secondary Color Palette

The Emarsys colors Shamrock Green, Lemon Yellow and Fountain Blue define our secondary color palette.
All four colors are supposed to be used for Calls to action, content, highlights, etc. in addition to the general visual brand foundation. To keep a balance in the design, use preferably not more than one secondary color in combination with the primary color scheme. In general we recommed the monochromatic usage in order keep your designs clean.
In case you need assistance in combining colors or need a missing color code, feel free to reach out to the Creative Team.

Emarsys colors always appear in full tone and may not be darkened, lightened or displayed transparently.

Sham 2

R204 G255 B228
C28 M0 Y25 K0

Sham 4

R69 G243 B152
C58 M0 Y60 K0

Sham 6

R50 G209 B126
C69 M0 Y70 K0

Sham 7

R9 G166 B83
C90 M0 Y93 K0

Sham 10

R14 G87 B49
C93 M13 Y85 K44

Sham 11

R10 G45 B25
C93 M24 Y85 K68

Lem 2

R252 G255 B197
C4 M0 Y31 K0

Lem 4

R236 G242 B130
C14 M0 Y59 K0

Lem 6

R217 G229 B6
C24 M0 Y92 K0

Lem 7

R179 G194 B23
C38 M8 Y99 K0

Lem 10

R78 G88 B14
C45 M20 Y97 K63

Lem 11

R44 G50 B8
C59 M39 Y95 K78

Foun 2

R178 G252 B255
C26 M0 Y10 K0

Foun 4

R125 G237 B241
C43 M0 Y18 K0

Foun 6

R86 G197 B201
C62 M0 Y27 K0

Foun 7

R26 G157 B162
C96 M0 Y31 K2

Foun 10

R17 G108 B111
C80 M24 Y42 K36

Foun 11

R3 G61 B63
C87 M41 Y51 K63


Always let the colors breathe and don’t be afraid of white! Please respect the hierarchy. So, make sure you check by from time to time.

Grey Tones

Emarsys grey tones are identical with SAP’s grey tones in order to minimize duplications or wrong shades.
In combination with white, they build a major foundation of the Emarsys visual appearance.

Grey 1

R245 G246 B247
C4 M2 Y2 K0

Grey 2

R234 G236 B238
C7 M4 Y4 K0

Grey 4

R169 G180 B190
C36 M18 Y22 K0

Grey 6

R91 G111 B139
C72 M49 Y31 K6

Grey 7

R71 G94 B117
C80 M58 Y37 K15

Grey 11

R26 G39 B51
C87 M71 Y54 K60

Monochromatic Color Combinations

When using a monochromatic color palette for graphic uses in patterns, imagery, and backgrounds, we suggest starting with the following steps in color: 10+7, 7+4, 6+4, 4+2.

To ensure text has sufficient contrast in brightness from its background, refer to our color contrast guidance.



Download the Emarsys Colors Palette

Here you can download the specific Adobe Swatch Exchange files (.ase).

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