Video and Animation

Clean, professional, and light

Here, you’ll find more information about the format, methodology and animation style we use for videos at Emarsys.

Download Emarsys Video Assets


All aspects of the Logo section apply to video as well. The animated logo will be shown at the beginning and end of a video.

Please only use the animated logo .mp4 provided.

Depending on the use case, an asset may precede or replace the logo animation in parts of the video. When the logo is shown in a video, see correct and incorrect logo usage here.

Typeface and Typography

For Headlines, mark-ups and for running text, we use 72 Brand.
Headlines, Call outs etc use 72 Brand Medium. Running text uses 72 Brand Book or Regular.

Standard color is Black (#000000) on a light background.

Stay consistent throughout the video

Please don’t highlight with different font weight, use color Peri 4 (#A6B9FF).

Readability is important

Always keep in mind your videos will be viewed on a mobile device. Always have enough contrast between text and its background. Use our Color Palette, and do not overlay text on busy backgrounds.

Contrast the size of visual elements and font weight and mind the space in your composition

Color and Grading

We are using Periwinkle Blue tones in combination with white and Grey 1 (#F5F6F7).

We strive for a clean and professional appearance while allowing essential information to stand out. Exceptions may apply for different types of videos, eg. campaign designs.

Color Correction / Grading – No heavy color grading/stylization

Colored footage should have a Rec-709-like image that is bright, clean, and has natural saturation and contrast.

Deliverable Quality and Resolution

Deliverables typically received as H.264 .mp4, 8-10Mbps (Adobe Match Source – High Bitrate preset).

Aspect Ratio and Resolution – 16x9 (1.77:1); 1920x1080 for HD delivery, 3840x2160 for 4K delivery.

Frames per second project-dependent on footage provided, typically 23.976, 25, or 29.98

File Naming
Utilize job # + Title provided by your Emarsys contact in the Folder Structure name, Adobe project file names, and deliverable names

  • 22-057_Inspiration Explorer-Ep 1 Successful Omnichannel Marketing Ideas to Ignite Your Fire_v2”
  • [Job #]_[Job Title]_[version]
  • Exclude [version #] from root folder name

Folder Structure, Font and Animated logo available here, request the password from your Emarsys contact.

Animation and Motion Graphics

In general, we are looking for a clean, fresh, and light feel.

Our brand design consists of solid colored straight shapes in 2D space; avoid gradients, odd shapes, and 3D elements. The colored shapes can be used to transition between scenes, to put emphasis on something or show more information.

Embrace the white space in the design

Avoid animating in a generic way that does not correspond to the individual objects if possible.
Please avoid heavy or strange effects, adjust your motion curves to give nuanced, realistic easing – most keyframes should not be linear.

Add an extra level of polish and realism whenever possible

  • Use animation principles
  • Use anticipation, overlapped timing of different layers, arced motion curves, and very subtle use of overshoot.
  • Avoid excessive overshoot, non-overlapped timing, and heavy effects
  • Timing is key
  • We want to move quickly, but let the content have enough time to clearly get the message across

We distinguish 2 types of motion graphics:

Tier 1 - Basic

Screen recordings and add light animation (on screen text callouts, highlighting, zooms).

Tier 2 - Advanced

UI is recreated as artwork/design files which allows for more dynamic animation and transitions.

Involves an Emarsys graphic designer more heavily than Tier 1.

Music and Sound

Dialogue/Speakers need to peak at -3dB, no higher than -1dB. Speaker tone should be -6dB.

The music bed under the speaker should be -20dB to -26dB and should have an EQ notch filter to not compete with the same vocal frequencies as the speaker. When there is no one speaking, music should peak no higher than -6dB.

The entire video should have a -1dB Hard Limiter applied via the Track Mixer Master Track.

Background music should always be instrumental-only.

Please secure music that matches the desired energy/pacing of your video.

Be careful not to let your music get repetitive.

Avoid letting a single music track run through the whole video on videos longer than 2-3mins.

Ensure Copyright – editor is responsible for providing a music license upon delivery of project files if a music track was not provided to them.

General Vocal treatment via Track Mixer

  • DeReverb/DeNoise with Gain +5-10
  • Parametric EQ (subtractive; with Lo/Hi Pass, DeEss, De-HVAC etc.)
  • Dynamics for Compressor (settings: 1.7-2.0 Ratio, 250 delay, Threshold where appropriate for -3 to -6db of compression, then add Makeup until voice is hitting -3/-6)
  • Parametric EQ (additive; Vocal Enhancer Preset, drop 10kHz range down 3dB.
  • Hard Limiter –1dB
  • Master Track – Hard Limiter -1dB

Field Video Recording

16x9, 1920x1080 or 3840x2160

Record progressive footage, not interlaced

Record interviews at 23.976 (or 25 where needed due to flicker/refresh rate of 50Hz)

If possible, record a b-roll at 50-120fps, intended for slow-motion playback in the edit. Maintain a 180* shutter angle, or a shutter speed that is double your framerate

Please record with a Rec-709-type look baked into the footage

Please do not send LOG, flat, raw etc.

Capture room tone audio when possible

Slate or audio slate when possible

Any production notes from the shoot would be helpful context to the editor.

Wide main angle – Typically 28-50mm

CU slightly off-axis of A-cam – Typically 35-85mm

Only slight contrast on face between key and fill lighting

Ensure content releases have been signed and sent to your Emarsys contact

Written permission for using video recordings should be obtained via email prior to editing/distribution

Example screenshot, good contrast

Example screenshot – good contrast


Cross Dissolves should be .5 seconds in length. 15 frames duration for 24, 25, 30fps sequences. For sequences that are 8-15fps, divide in half for your cross-dissolve duration.

Lower Thirds

LT AE File will be provided. Background boxes are resized with type length + height. To replace text, highlight and re-type one line at a time to keep the font-weight formatting for each line.

Always identify the interviewee in the following order:

  • Line 1: Name, Credentials if applicable (MD, SPHR, PhD, etc.) [BentonSans Bold, 45px, Kerning 10]
  • Line 2: Title, Team if applicable [BentonSans Regular, 36px, Kerning -2, Line height 60px]
  • Line 3: Organisation [BentonSans Regular, 36px, Kerning -2, Line height 44px]

Accent box color should match the branding of the project you are working on. By default this color is Periwinkle Blue (#6984D1) or Light Periwinkle Blue (#97B1FD)

Highlight color may change depending on the project. Highlight box color is changed on the ‘Control’ layer of the ‘Color’ comp in the ‘Effect Controls’ panel.

Placement guidance - Your LT text should touch the bottom edge and left or right edge of the title-safe guides

Screenshots and Annotations

For annotations we are using two different elements. For one the context bubbles in Elephant (#0C2838) or Periwinkle Blue (#6984D1) and the curved arrow with text.

In general texts should be as short as possible and shown long enough.


Context bubblesbetter for short text


Curved arrow with text – better for longer description


If you need to show a device like a laptop, computer display, phone, or tablet, please use the Emarsys branded devices.

Appropriate drop shadows should be added beneath the device and to separate the device screen content from the device itself.

Download the Emarsys Video Assets

Here you can download the Folder Structure, 72 Brand Font and Animated logo, request the password from your Emarsys contact.