Actionable, informative, decorative.

Icons are primarily used in onscreen where they are actionable. Use icons to convey information, not only for decoration.

Download Icon Set


All icons are drawn on a 80 x 80px Artboard with 16x16 grid frame. Each grid contains 5 x 5px. All the outlines drawn in 1.2px stroke. 1 grid (5px) padding on all sides as guidance. However, it’s acceptable to go beyond the padding or off the keylines if doing so improves the optical balance of the icon.

Emarsys Brandsite icon construction

Basic Icon Set

Emarsys has many icons – Do not create a new icon if you can’t find the desired. Instead contact creativeteam@emarsys.com or create a representing design ticket.


Colored Icons

Used to emphasize specific features and values. Available by request.


Product Icons

More sophisticated variant of the general Emarsys icons. Mainly used for the visualization of the Emarsys Tactics. Available by request.


Download the Emarsys Icons

Here you can download the main icon set. For variations or colored versions please reach out.

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